For fashion players, 2019 will be a year of awakening.The ones who will succeed will have to come to terms with the fact that in the new paradigm that is taking shape around them, some of the old rules simply don’t work.

The State of Fashion 2019,
A joint industry paper by
The Business of Fashion
and McKinsey & Company

Market saturation. Technological disruption. Enlightened, aggressively
savvy consumers.

The demands placed on fashion and retail businesses today are unprecedented, necessitating new approaches that blend creativity and data dexterity, address form and function, integrate commerce anywhere, and identify innovation everywhere.

That's where we come in.

Our flagship incubator programme takes forward-thinking fashion brands and related technology startups, and gets them market ready in 30 weeks.


We’re just as much about making intelligent fashion as we are about running smart businesses.

TBFI will
unleash a new wave of
Singapore-based businesses
that build:

We are looking for

Fashion and
Related Entrepreneurs

At the intersection of

and Sustainability.

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The Lenzing Group

Each Lenzing fiber is made of cellulose, a natural component of renewable source material wood. A characteristic of cellulose is its biodegradability: At the end of their life cycle, these fibers can re-enter the eco-system, preparing the ground on which new plants grow. This miracle of nature is our inspiration. These fibers are develop to become the best products that are stunningly innovative, exciting solutions that bring sustainable improvement to people’s lives.

The Mills Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica based in Hong Kong, is a business incubator, fund and space/lab/store for techstyle startups and strategic partners – companies at the intersection of technology and style. Our mission is to create techstyle startup success stories and to build a global techstyle community.

IFA Paris

IFA Paris is a fashion school that offers students around the world a vast range of unique and tailored courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We give students the choiceto study in three of the most globally influential fashion hubs – Paris, Shanghai and now inIstanbul that sets us apart from other fashion schools.

IFA Paris is a rare example of one of the truly international schools in its sector. Our value lies in our exposure to the world and the interaction that allows the 50 nationalities constituting its student and teacher body to share in the projects and daily life taking place within our schools.

Le Village

The Village by CA is a unique French ecosystem where startups and large groups cooperate to innovate together. Present throughout France and abroad, this network contributes to the economic development and support of young innovative projects.

Our program :
a) Customized acceleration program for startups and innovation : The Village by CA supports highly innovate start-ups (more than 600) with a potential for growth from all over France (Business contacts and opportunities, Workshops, Experts, Mentoring and coaching, Offices and co-working)

b) A cooperative system involving public and private partners (SMEs, Large Group) : We are the bridge between start-ups and more than 500 partners

c) Decentralized network across France (31 Villages in different town in France), Italy and Luxembourg

d) 1st class offices and facilities


Founded in 2016, Pixibo is a retail-tech company that solves for fashion’s size & fit challenges. Ourplatform - Pixibo Cloud, is widely known to be the most accurate size recommendation platform inthe industry. We work with all the leading online fashion players in Asia (Zalora, Pomelo Fashion,Mapemall) and many leading retailers in Europe as well.

Hoolah is a new and easy way to pay that helps retailers attract and convert more shoppers on their website. Shoppers love hoolah because it lets them buy what they want today and pay later over 0% interest installments.

The Independent Fashion Advisory Board (IFAB) is a global digital community for fashion, business and tech professionals, driving connection between the fashion and technology industries.  With an overarching advisory body of industry experts, community members are able to immerse themselves in current affairs in fashion business and network with like-minded people from all over the world.  The IFAB platform is an inclusive and collaborative space to share information, learn about emerging technologies in fashion and look at ways to help fashion businesses evolve.


Omnilytics Fashion Academy

Omnilytics Fashion Academy (OFA) is an online training program with over 50 targeted chapters helping fashion brands successfully navigate every step of the journey from planning, designing, buying, producing, launch and marketing to promotion and clearance.  The A-Z comprehensive program is designed and written by industry experts and comes complete with the use of the Omnilytics Prime dashboard, a fashion analytics and insights software with real-time fashion data on over 100 million SKUs and 75,000 brands across the world.

It is currently being used by fast-rising brands like Kitschen and Nichii, as well as globally established names like Adidas, Salvatore Ferragamo and Melissa. OFA aims to increase the overall level of commercial awareness of fashion brands so that success becomes less of a chance event but a matter of employing the right skills and the rights tools at every step of the journey.


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