The Bridge Fashion Incubator (TBFI) is South-East Asia's first Fashion and Fashion-Tech Incubator that bridges the gap between Fashion, Technology and Sustainability. Supported by the Singapore government, the 30-week incubator programme identifies and grooms early stage Fashion brands and related Tech startups to refine and validate their products, services or solutions, and commercialisation strategies. Our aim is to bring these businesses closer to market and investor readiness; equipping them with the tools and access to a network for continued fundraising.


Semun HoCEO
Textile and Fashion Federation

Semun Ho is the CEO of the Singapore Textiles & Fashion Federation (TaFF), which supports The Bridge Fashion Incubator. Semun brings a wealth of knowledge in building companies and driving rapid growth, with more than two decades of business and tech experience. Semun's vision of building a community of fashion designers and related tech startups underpins the creation of The Bridge Fashion Incubator. Her mission is to create a community of successful designers, entrepreneurs, creators and technologists who are focused on the fashion value chain, and help them achieve both local and international exposure by facilitating relationships with relevant brands, businesses, partners and potential investors.

Jo Soh Programme Director
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Jo is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning womenswear designer who ran her own label for more than 12 years and subsequently served as Head of Fashion for Laura Ashley's London and Singapore offices. She is a graduate of Central St Martins College and will guide TBFI participants in working towards their global objectives.

Jon Max Goh Programme Manager
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Jon is an award winning menswear designer who brings to TBFI seven years of international exposure and experience in New York. His key interests lie in implementing fashion practices that consider social impact and design responsibility, and incorporate circular design strategies into their business models. As Programme Manager, Jon will initiate and implement TBFI partnerships between the network and incubator participants. Jon’s work can be viewed at: www.jonmaxgoh.com

Debra LangleyResident Mentor
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Debra is a venture partner with Start Today Ventures, which is a specialised fund based in Asia that focuses on companies that are reinventing the business of fashion. As a consultant to a range of established and emerging fashion, fashion-tech and retail-tech brands, she is a key figure in the incubator project, providing ongoing feedback that draws on her international industry experience and network. More of Debra's work can be found here: http://coraggio.co/


Is to unleash a new wave of Singapore-based businesses that build superior products, services, and solutions across fashion and lifestyle product and service design, fashion tech, and retail tech.

Our job: to enable them to address issues innovatively, compete internationally, and ensure environmental and commercial sustainability.


An initiative of the Singapore Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF), a non-profit trade association vested in the growth of the local fashion industry - We provide a virtual and real space where fashion designers and brands can engage with tech entrepreneurs and specialists.

By bringing together sectors that typically operate in parallel and traditionally have spoken different languages, we believe we can facilitate conversations that will underpin superior products and services.