The Bridge Fashion Incubator (TBFI) is South-East Asia's first Fashion, Beauty and Fashion-Tech Incubator that bridges the gap between Fashion, Technology and Sustainability. Supported by the Singapore government, the 16-week incubator programme identifies and grooms early stage Fashion, Beauty brands and related Tech startups to refine and validate their products, services or solutions, and commercialisation strategies. Our aim is to bring these businesses closer to market and investor readiness; equipping them with the tools and access to a network for continued fundraising.


Semun HoCEO
Textile and Fashion Federation

Semun is the CEO of the Singapore Textiles & Fashion Federation (TaFF), which supports The Bridge Fashion Incubator (TBFI). Semun brings a wealth of knowledge in building companies and driving rapid growth, with more than two decades of business and tech experience. Semun's vision of building a community of fashion designers and related tech startups underpins the creation of The Bridge Fashion Incubator. Her mission is to create a community of successful designers, entrepreneurs, creators and technologists who are focused on the fashion value chain, and help them achieve both local and international exposure by facilitating relationships with relevant brands, businesses, partners and potential investors.

Benoit ValinSenior Programme Director
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Benoit has a science & engineering track record spanning more than two decades, working in artificial intelligence & data sciences, biology & drug discovery, electronics & IoT, business process automation and product design, prototyping & manufacturing, and their connected fields. Working with global leaders such as Pigeon, Coca-Cola, Colgate,Bayer, P&G, Ecco, Ricoh, Electrolux, Land Rover, KLM-Air France as well as Singapore established names such as Fraser and Neave, AviTech and Matex. In recent years Benoit has focused his attention on improving the scalability and sustainability of 3D printing, collaborating extensively with companies in the eyewear, footwear and jewellery industries;emphasising in technology development to increase design freedom & flexibility while minimising the manufacturing cost and dependency on manpower.

Not new to the local textile and fashion industry,Benoit has worked with local brands such as ONE.61 and Depression to explore new ways to design and manufacture their products. Benoit’s academic pedigree spans three continents,receiving prestigious scholarships from Intel Research Laboratories and from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to study Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Montreal, as well as performing fundamental research nano-robotics at M.I.T., in Statistical Learning Theory (AI) at Tsinghua University & Peking University and Computational Biology at McGill university.

Cristina VenturaResident Mentor
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Over the past 20 years, Cristina Ventura has been working in Luxury, Retail and Technology for the world’s most prestigious luxury companies, including LVMH, Gucci, Prada, Apple and Lane Crawford Joyce Group. She is an active investor and advises family offices, venture capital and private equity firms through VenturaXVentures, a consulting, investment and advising firm. Ms. Ventura's most recent role was driving innovation and ecosystem creation at The Lane Crawford Joyce Group - Asia's pre-eminent luxury lifestyle Group. Prior to that, Ms. Ventura had been leading Apple’s high growth expansion in Hong Kong and China, the fastest and largest growth market for Apple globally, and contributed towards Apple’s $8.8 billion revenues in the region. Cristina has also held positions as Regional Director at Prada Group where she oversaw their business growth and preparation of their IPO in Hong Kong, as well as Operations Director for Gucci Europe & Middle East. She also worked for several years at LVMH Fashion Group in Europe and Asia, where she was responsible for business development, marketing and operations.

Grace NandarProgramme Manager
The Bridge Fashion Incubator

Grace is an experienced fashion designer who has dealt with diverse products across various market sectors. With her emphasis on creative thinking and problem-solving, she seeks to create a systematic and seamless framework to journey alongside with the TBFI entrepreneurs.


Is to unleash a new wave of Singapore-based businesses that build superior products, services, and solutions across fashion, beauty and lifestyle product and service design, fashion tech, and retail tech.

Our job: to enable them to address issues innovatively, compete internationally, and ensure environmental and commercial sustainability.


An initiative of the Singapore Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFF), a non-profit trade association vested in the growth of the local fashion industry - we provide a virtual and real space where fashion designers and brands can engage with tech entrepreneurs and specialists.

By bringing together sectors that typically operate in parallel and traditionally have spoken different languages, we believe we can facilitate conversations that will underpin superior products and services.