hese are some Frequently Asked Questions about our programme which we hope can answer some of your quaires about the programme. If there are topics that the FAQ did not cover, feel free to fill in a contact form below to reach out to us, or email us at tbfi@taff.org.sg

What is the programme about?

  • What is an incubation programme?
  • At The Fasion Bridge Incubator (TBFI),  we aim to :
    - connect your brand to an ecosystem of industry experts and investors,
    - guide you through the process of refining and validating your start-up business model / prototype to bring it to closer to market readiness.
    - provide you the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, sector specialists, investors and other entrepreneurs in fashion, beauty and retail tech from all around the globe.

  • Who should apply for the programme?
  • If your brand fits these pointers, you are welcome to sign up :
    - Singapore-registered businesses
    - whom exhibit creative solutions and or addresses sustainability issues
    - in the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Sustainability, Consumer Tech & or Retail Tech Sector​.
  • Where is the programme based in?
  • The TBFI programme is based in Singapore.
    We are South-East Asia’s 1st fashion incubator programme, located at The Cocoon Space at Design Orchard, 250 Orchard Rd, #02-01, Singapore 238905.  

    However, the programme is not limited to Singaporeans - our foreign friends are welcome to join as well! Programme schedule and modules will be tailored to best fit the needs of every incubatee, so if you are not based in or residing in Singapore, do not fret.


  • Where can I apply for the programme?
  • You are welcomed to apply for the programme through this link:http://gust.com/programs/the-bridge-fashion-incubator-tbfi-cohort-6-feb-jun-2022
    If you have any difficulties with application, or just want to know more about the programme, contact us at:tbfi@taff.org.sg
  • I am not Singaporean, can I still apply for the programme?
  • The TBFI programme is not limited to Singaporeans - our foreign friends are welcome to join as well! Programme schedule and modules will be tailored to best fit the needs of every incubatee, so if you are not residing in Singapore, do not fret.

    Do take note that although the founder may not have to be Singaporean nor be residing in Singapore, your brand would still have to be Singapore-registered in order to qualify for the programme.

  • What do I need to prepare before I sign up?
  • We require all applicants to
    - Submit a 11 page PDF Deck with the below content during sign up.
    - Submit the $42 application fee during sign up.
    - Complete all fields required in the sign up form.

    There are no right or wrong, or set ways to display the information below in your deck. The team would like to see how each brand communicates the details below in their own way.

  • How much is the Programme Fee?


  • When does the programme commence?
  • 2 Dec 2021 – Application Closes
    End Jan 2022 – Confirmation of Cohort #04 Incubatees
    21 Feb 2021 – Commencement of Programme

  • What is the programme schedule like?
  • The TBFI programme is 16- weeks long.

    Every month we encourage brands to block out 2 weeks per month. These 2 weeks would be scheduled with mindfully tailored workshops/webinars from industry experts vital to business growth, and also 1-on-1 sessions with our resident mentor.

    At the end of the 16 weeks would be a Demo Day, where each brand pitches their refined solution to industry partners and investors, and graduate from the TBFI programme.

What will we be doing?

  • Will the programme be run online?
  • In light of Covid-19 safety measures, as well as to accommodate our foreign incubatees who are not residing in Singapore, most of the programme would be run online over Zoom.  

    We are trying our best to plan out physical social networking opportunities and 1-to-1 consultations with our resident mentor.

  • What will I achieve at the end of the programme?
  • The TBFI team will work with each incubatee to determine an end goal suited for their brand that they wish to achieve by Demo Day, an event that marks the end of the programme where brands have the opportunity to pitch directly to industry players.

    This end goal can vary from successfully launching their first product, to refining their business model, to reaching A-level investors and so on. Each brand is running at a different pace, and thus what each brand aims to achieve at the end of the programme will be different - we will work with you closely on that!

  • What will I achieve at the end of the programme?
  • The TBFI team cannot guarantee funding for your brand at the end of the programme, however, we definitely will connect and expose you to industry experts and investors who may choose to fund your business if they find interest in your brand. You will have the opportunity to pitch directly to these players during Demo Day, which marks the end of the 16 week programme. TBFI can tap into and introduce our ecosystem of investors to you, but the brands and founders themselves will ultimately have to take charge of execution.

  • Is economy downtime a good time for the programme?
  • We would like to feel so!

    Yes the economy may be down, but that also means time and opportunity for change, growth and adaptation! With things rapidly changing (going from retail to online almost overnight for instance), we are here to help you make the best decisions to move your brand forward.

    If you have any questions you would wish to seek consulation for before you join the programme, feel free to email us at tbfi@taff.org.sg and we would be more than happy to assist.


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